Model Browser (Entity Data Model Designer)

The Model Browser is a Visual Studio tool that is integrated with the ADO.NET Entity Data Model Designer (Entity Designer). It provides conceptual and storage models tree view that are defined in an .edmx file. The Model Browser groups information into two nodes.

1. First node shows the conceptual model. By expanding the child nodes, you can view all entity types and associations in the model.

2. Second node shows the target database model. By expanding the child nodes, you can see which parts of the database tables, views, and stored procedures have been imported to the model.

The Model Browser opens when the Entity Designer is opened. If the Model Browser is not visible, Open Model Browser by right clicking on the EDM Designer and select Model Browser from the context menu.

Model Browser gives all the information about all the objects and functions created by the EDM.

Model browser contains the following objects:


Model browser contains visual diagrams of EDM. Default visual diagram created by EDM, we can also create multiple diagrams for one EDM if application has a large number of entities.

Entity Types

Entity types lists all the class types which are mapped to the database tables.

Complex Types

Complex types are the classes created by EDM to contain the result of stored procedures, table-valued function etc. These complex types are customized classes for different purposes.

Enum Types

Enum types lists all the entities which are used as Enum in entity framework.


Associations lists all foreign key relationship between the entity types.

Function Imports

Function imports lists all the functions that will be mapped to stored procedures, table-valued functions, etc. Stored procedures and table-valued functions will be used as functions and not an entity in EF.


Store represents database schema (SSDL).


DbContext is the most important class in entity framework.

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