Entity Framework Environment Setup

Entity Framework via Nuget:

You can install entity framework into project via nuget. Here, we will install EF via nuget in the web application in VS 2015.

Right click on project in the solution explorer and select Manage NuGet Packages...

Entity Framework Environment Setup - Manage NuGet Package

This will open Manage NuGet packages dialogue box. Here you can see the list of Installed packages and updates for installed packages. And can search new package to install under Browse...

Now, search for Entity Framework under Browse as shown below. This will search for all the packages related to Entity Framework. Select Entity Framework and click on Install.

Entity Framework Environment Setup - NuGet Package Manager

Click Ok to confirm the review changes...

Entity Framework Environment Setup - Review Changes

Click on the I Accept button in License Acceptance dialogue box. This will start the installation.

Entity Framework Environment Setup - Accept Agreement

After installation, make sure that the appropriate version of EntityFramework.dll is included in the project.

Entity Framework Environment Setup - Check installed Entity Framework

Now, you are ready to use Entity Framework in your project.

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